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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The book thief

**Some spoilers**

During WW2, there is this event called a Nazi book burning ceremony as the Nazis think that this way, it would clean the German soceity of "immoral'' and "indecent" thoughts. Thus, they would burn all the books and no one should read.
The main character, Liesel, kept a book from her late brother to remind herself of him. She was taught how to read by the foster father. After learning how to read, she could not stop resisting to read books. So, she decided to start stealing books from nazi book burnings or the mayor wife's library. 
There is also a jew named Max that Liesel hides in her basement. Since to protect Max, he had to stay in the basement. He spend time with Liesel to read and share stories. There were later complications that forces Max to leave in the end.

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