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Monday, 27 January 2014

Fables Want you to Act Upon the Moral Values the Author wants you to

Fables are short stories with a moral value. And more importantly, they spur you to act upon that particular moral value. View the video clip on 'I have a dream' by Martin Luther King Jr., and post your comments on how you would combat discrimination in your school and country.


  1. I would combat discrimination by celebrating racial harmony day and to learn each and everyone's differences

    1. Besides, celebrating marked events like the Racial Harmony Day, what will you do when say, some one passed a racist remark on another person?

  2. I can combat discrimination in my school and country by
    1) Abolishing making racists jokes even if it was out of friendly intention
    2) Keep any comments i have to myself
    3) Do not make pre-assumptions about other races
    4) Accept other people's differences.

    1. Yes, racist jokes are rampant and we need to be mindful that words hurt. Even if others indulge themselves in such wrong habits, we should put a conscious stop to not even want to hear such jokes for they are wrong.

  3. I would combat discrimination by:
    1.Treating everyone the same
    2.Accepting the fact that everyone is different
    3.Not make fun of another person just because they are different

  4. I would combat discrimination in my school and country by

    1) Stop making racist jokes
    2) Understand other's differences and try to accept them.
    3) Learn to understand other races' cultures and beliefs and do not make fun of them.
    4) Do not have opinions of other races.

  5. I could combat discrimination by:
    1. Not leaving anyone out during activities or group work.
    2. Not treating someone unfairly.
    3. Make friends with everyone.

  6. I could combat discrimination by learning how to accept people's differences and accepting them for who they are. We should not criticise other people's race or religion.

  7. I can combat discrimination by
    1. accepting people for who they truly are and not for their accents, skin tone or religion
    2. making an effort to learn about each and other's religion/culture
    3. not making rude or offensive remarks behind their backs
    4. including them and giving them every right to voice opinions

  8. I can combat discrimination by
    1. Learning accepting people for who they are and not judge them just by how they look
    2. Learn more about other races and religions
    3. Not joining the crowd when others are discriminating someone

  9. I can combat discrimination by:
    1) Learn more about the other person
    2) Stoping people when the discriminate someone else.
    3) Stop Stereotyping other people

  10. I can combat discrimination by
    1) Doing the small deeds, like not excluding or ostracising anybody in any activity.
    2) Speak up against discrimination, if there is an act of discrimination, I can stop it.
    3) Meet new and different people.

  11. I can combat discrimination by:
    1. Understand and accept our differences
    2. Stop people from discriminating or ostracising others
    3. Not make fun of others

  12. I would combat discrimination in my school and country by

    1) Apply cross-cultural understanding and know that everyone is equal, no matter their differences with ourselves.
    2) Get to know them better before judging them, which may lead up to discrimination.

  13. I can combat discrimination in my country by applying cross cultural understanding and not make assumptions about people who are different from me and leave them out of society because of my own assumptions. Also, I can include them into different activities and get to know them better.