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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Plot Structure

Who - The protagonist and his dog
When - (not mentioned, though it is probably in the day as he was wearing sunglasses and children and teachers were in school)
What - The protagonist walking his dog and saving people trapped in a burning school
Where - Putnam Park / The burning school
Why - His dog ran into the burning school while going on a walk
How - He broke down the door

Rising Action:
The lead character smelt smoke while walking his dog, and his dog ran towards the burning school to show the protagonist that the school is burning and people are trapped inside.

The author found out that there were people stuck behind the door in the building and that they were shouting for help. After regaining his composure, he linked things in order, and decided to rescue his dog first before other things get resolved subsequently. However, the author yanked at the door, and unexpectedly broke the door down. The people, and dog inside ran out.

Falling Action:
The lead character shoves one of the grateful teachers off him and went into the burning building to pull out his dog, along with a child.


The resolution is when the police, the fire department and the news crew came to the scene of the fire. The cameras were all filming and taking pictures of the lead character which annoyed him greatly.

Language Features

He was scared to go outside on his own, the little brute. / The mutt nearly knocked me down every couple yards, stopping short in front of me to look up and make sure I was still following him.
If this is what dying feels like, sign me up for immortality./
Declarative statement
What an ugly dog./First, I will collect the dog;/

“We’re trapped! The door’s stuck!”
“Help us out of here, please!” a small child interrupted.
“He broke the door down!” the teacher shouted in her high-pitched, painfully grating voice.

scanning through the thick smoke/ All I could see were flashing lights
Figure of Speech
Sowing little seeds of discontent as I walked, fostering buds of aggravation./

Done by: Kimberly, Lynette, Eunice, Chelsea

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