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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Extended Reading Resources

Ryan: I watched a movie called Defiance(2008). It is about two jewish brothers who escaped from the germans and found the other escapees in a forest. The elder brother then became their leader to help them survive. The younger brother then joined the soviet russia to fight against the Nazis. I learned that the Jews lives were very tough then. It is important to remember the holocaust as we learnt that the jews were unfairly treated then and if that happens again, people will go against each other and there may be war again. To me, prejudice means that some people are unfairly treated by others because they are different. Prejudice is caused by people who are different from others and think that they are superior, so they treat them unfairly. Prejudice can be prevented by learning about the other person’s culture and differences. People should also accept the differences of the others so as to prevent prejudice.

Timothy: I read a book called The Diary of a Young Girl. The book is about a girl named Anne Frank, and how she hid with her family for two years during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. I learned that the Jews were all very afraid of the germans because of what the germans did to other Jews. The Jews tried to hide from the Nazis, but most of them failed and was transported to the concentration camps. Anne Frank and her family was one of the few people that managed to hide. They hid for 2 years, but was betrayed and was captured. It is important for us to remember the Holocaust because many people suffered and died, we have to remember this event so that something similar will not happen again. Prejudice is like discrimination to me. It is caused when people assume too much about other people and mis-understandings sprout up. It can be prevented if we do not assume too much and keep an open mind about things that we
are not sure about

Darryl: I watched a movie that was called uprising(2001). The movie is about how the Jewish people got  imprisoned by the Nazi German and how they rose up against them in the 1943. I learned that the Jewish were mistreated and their life were very miserable. It is important to remember the holocaust as we do not want to repeat the same mistakes the Nazis made to Jewish people. For me prejudice meant that people assume something bad about something before getting the proof, this is caused if people think they are of a higher ranking than the other people and assume that others are lousier than them, it can be overcomed when people do not assume something bad about others and if they could accept other people’s weaknesses.

Wynn: I have read a book named Wartime Lies. It is the story of a boy who survived the Nazi occupation by posing as a non-jew. The Jews were mistreated and were always forced to do what they were told. They did not have any choice and could not rebel as it would mean certain death. It is very important to remember the holocaust as we need to remember not to discriminate others. It means to me that it is to discriminate others. Most of the time it is caused by people spreading rumours, we can treat others fairly and be treated the same.

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