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Monday, 6 January 2014

Pre-Activity to the Boy In The Striped Pjyamas

View the above youtube and post your comments on the English Language Blog. 1) Why do discrimination exist? 2) What are some examples of discrimination? 3) Have you ever witnessed/experienced an act of discrimination? Tell me more about it. 4) What are some preventions against discrimination? What can society, schools or you do to eliminate discrimination?


  1. 1) Discrimination exists because people don't take time out to learn more about a person and immediately have expectations or imagine how that person would be like. In addition , due to time and cultural habits , stereotypes may have developed for a certain race eg. Asians have small eyes.
    Lastly , people think that they are better that the other person thus discrimination exists.

    2) Not allowing black people to mingle with white people in the past.
    Picking a larger sized/plump person last for a team when it comes to sports
    Avoiding 'darker skinned' people at night as they may be "dangerous"

    3) Yes, I have witnessed an act of discrimination. Multiple times, when we are having PE/S&W and it comes to picking teams , the plumper students always get picked last as theres that social stigma/discrimation attached to them that they cant play sports.

    4)Firstly , people have to be more accepting of each other. We may all have flaws , but it doesn't mean we can think we are superior over the another person. In addition , we must try to include everyone, even people we aren't comfortable with in our activities.
    Next, if we leave our comfort zone and spend time with people that we may be already discriminating , we may be able to listen to them , and learn more about them , removing any pre-determined doubts and expectations of the person.

  2. 1. It exists because when people are different, people assume they are bad. Therefore people stay away from them and teach others to stay away from then and the discrimination spreads. Sometimes people make things up to justify discrimination, sometimes it's even based on nothing.

    2. The ku klux klan was one, it has reduced greatly but there are still some supporters especially in rural areas of America. The jews and the nazis was an extreme case. People have this stereotype that arabs are most likely terrorists, when they are seen on planes and other occasions.

    3.Yes, back in my primary schools, often the obese students will get picked on alot.

    4.In schools, educate the children to let them see what discrimination is about so that they know better than to be fooled by people who preach discrimination. We could enforce laws to prevent discrimination.

  3. 1) It exists because people think one person is different from the other. Or that one group of people think they are better than another.

    2) Racism is an example of discrimination. So is sexism, religious discrimination, disability discrimination, agism and weightism.

    3) People are ostracised because of their race or how they act.

    4) The person who is discriminated should seek for help to be helped. Also we can learn about other races and religions. We also celebrate each others differences. Our school can hold more events on different religious holidays so we can learn more about each other.

  4. 1.It exists because people think that they are better than others,because someone is different.

    2.Racism,agism,weightism,religious discrimination,sexism,disability discrimination.

    3. Yes when someone is of a different race or skin tone or how they look,they are made fun of and they are left out.

    4.We can start to accept our differences and be friendly with the person that is discriminated.If someone is discriminated,they should seek help and talk to someone.We can learn more about other people and their races.Schools can have more talks about discrimination.

  5. 1. Discrimination exists because sometimes people find them different and do not seem fit in, thus rumors spread and people start discriminating them. They too sometimes find themselves more superior than others.

    2. Some examples of discrimination are family status discrimination (e.g father is an ex-convict), agism, sexism, racism, foreigner discrimination (e.g foreigners looking for jobs in country and not given because they do not hold citizenship passes), disability discrimination.

    3. Yes, I have. I had a friend who always get picked on by Chinese students because she is from Southern India, thus her skin tone was a tad bit darker. They called her profanities and excluded her from group work or activities.

    4. We can push aside our differences and not leave anyone out. Some schools gives talks on how to react to people if they are discriminating you and what appropriate actions you should take. There are also some on how to act if you come across discrimination. The society should see their talents, wisdom, skills, and not the 'flaws' which caused them to be discriminated.

  6. 1) Discrimination exists because people think they are better than others because someone is different.

    2) Some examples of discrimination are racism, sexism, ageism

    3) Yes. I have an indian friend who tends to be laughed at as he is obese and his skin is quite dark.

    4) We all have our own talents and interests. However, I feel that we should accept each others differences. Schools should invite guests to school to speak to students why discrimination should be eliminated from our society. As for our society, the community centres around us should hold talks to residents on how to react when someone is discriminating you or why discrimination must be stopped in this society.

  7. 1) It happens as one group of people think that they are better than another.

    2) If a person in the class was prettier/handsome, people treat them better than the others.

    3) I personally have experienced it. When I was in primary school, all my classmates were very tall (like seriously tall) and I was quite short compared to them. So, when we had PE and played ball games they often picked me last.

    4) Teach the people who discriminate a lesson by getting them to feel what it is like to be discriminated.

  8. 1) Why do discrimination exist? 2) What are some examples of discrimination? 3) Have you ever witnessed/experienced an act of discrimination? Tell me more about it. 4) What are some preventions against discrimination? What can society, schools or you do to eliminate discrimination?

    1) Basically, discrimination exists as certain people are unable to or just do not want to accept a certain group of people as they think that they are 'different' (example: whites did not like blacks and referred to them as coloured people in the past)

    2) A few examples of discrimination are as followed:

    - When someone is poorer and less good looking than the rest of a group, that person tends to be quite left out.
    - When a group of people can't tolerate a fellow person and leave him/her out
    - When someone has a certain disability and causes him to be left out by others in games

    3) I have witnessed my fellow friend being discriminated by most of the people around me before. As his speech is a bit stuttered at times and he might speak of some things that we might not have heard of, my friends tend to keep away from him and do not make efforts to get to know him better. As I am the only one who related to him very well, some of my friends also started to drift away from me in a matter of time.

    4) Although discrimination cannot be eradicated, it can be prevented. By putting the people who discriminate into their victim's shoes, I think it will be an effective method to try and prevent it.


  9. 1) Discrimination exists because a group of people think they're better than others and that others are not as good as them simply for being different, without bothering to try to get to know them better or understand them.

    2) People getting treated badly simply for how they behave or look. Agism, sexism, religious discrimination, racism.

    3)Yes. In my primary school, some people were left out simply because of their race or religion.

    4) We can learn to work through our differences and not treat anyone differently simply because they're different from us. We can try our best to actually get to know them and accept others for who they are. Society should not be so judgmental or prejudiced and judge others solely based on appearance or behavior. Schools can also hold talks and explain that every one of us is different and that we should treat everyone equally.

  10. 1.Discrimination exists because some people believe themselves to be superior than others or when they are looked down upon because of their difference.

    2.An example of discrimination is sexism and racism for example some races are looked down upon just because of their colour.

    3.I have seen some forms of discrimination and have experienced a bit myself due to my weight.

    4. We can try to include everybody in activities so they do not feel left out or feel discriminated. We all should also learn to accept everybody's differences so we can work together.

  11. 1) Why do discrimination exist?
    Ans: Discrimination exists because some people simply refuse to accept other people due to their differences. They also think that they are superior and look down on those who are not like them, hence discriminating them.

    2) What are some examples of discrimination?
    Ans: Examples of discrimination include sexism (e.g. refusing to collaborate because their group members are of the opposite sex), racism (e.g. looking down on other races because of their certain practices/skin colour) and agism.

    3) Have you ever witnessed/experienced an act of discrimination? Tell me more about it.
    Ans: I have witnessed some acts of discrimination in my primary school whereby the students looked down on their fellow schoolmates by excluding them from activities or spreading rumours simply because people of the opposite gender liked something that was deemed "girly" or "boyish".

    4) What are some preventions against discrimination? What can society, schools or you do to eliminate discrimination?
    Ans: Some preventions we can take against discrimination is to learn how to be more understanding and acceptive of people who are different and not be so quick to judge them. Schools can perhaps conduct lessons or talks to raise awareness that discrimination should not be allowed and that schoolmates should learn to get along with each other. It might be difficult for society to eliminate discrimination as it is made up of a lot of people and it is difficult to change everyone's mindsets. However, we are the ones making up society and I think for discrimination to be fully eliminated, we have to change our own mindsets into becoming more accepting and understanding ourselves.

  12. 1. Discrimination exists because some people see themselves as the best when compared to other people. This would result in the other group of people being left out during discussions or group work. This is happening because of the fact that people do not want to get to know other people well, and would just judge them based on their appearance.

    2. Some examples are racism, sexism and religious discrimination. People would just get discriminated based on their race, gender or religion.

    3. Yes, I have witnessed an act of discrimination in my primary school. Some people were not included in group discussions or even class discussions due to their race.

    4. We should learn to accept those that are around us for who they are. We should not be racist, sexist or discriminate their religion. Perhaps talks could be conducted for us to know about this problem and how to avoid or prevent it.

  13. 1) Discrimination exist because some people believe in different things than others, causing them to be left out in a group. Most people do not have the effort to try to understand others to get along with them

    2) There are people who dislike people from other races so they leave them out in groups, there are also people who think that some other people may be too old or young, thus leaving them out.

    3) Yes i have seen acts of discrimination before. In my primary school, one of my friends is from a different country and has an accent, because of that, many of my classmates made fun of him,

    4) We can first learn about other races culture to understand them better, and we can allow them to participate in discussions with us. Schools can put different people into a group to let them work as a team and celebrate the different festivals and tell the students about them to better help the students learn about the different cultures.

  14. 1) Discrimination exists as some people judge others at face value and discriminate them only based on their thoughts and assumptions, without finding out for themselves.

    2) Some examples are racial and gender discrimination.

    3) Yes, I have. In the past, people would shun away from a mentally challenged classmate when it came to forming groups in class.

    4) We can start to change the way of our thinking and learn to know more about someone before making conclusions about that person based solely on our assumptions which may not be true.
    Talks can be held to educate the public to accept and understand different kinds of people and the importance of it.

  15. 1) Discrimination exists because people judge one another. They did not take the time out to know and understand them, but assume how they are, based on personal occurrence with someone similar. Discrimination also happens when one thinks they are superior than others, thus they would only want to interact with people who he thinks are the same level as him.

    2) Some examples of discrimination consists of sexism, racism, religious discrimination, age discrimination, disability discrimination and weightism. For example, people think that people that are overweight cannot control themselves, and are always tempted to eat food. However, the person may have health or genetic issues that might cause the weight problems. So. they might not interact with them, as they assume that the overweight person is greedy.

    3) Yes, it is very common. In a group, it is normal to exclude a person. Maybe in a group of four, one of them has a different skin colour. The rest of them feels that he is different and should not work with them. When I was younger in Malaysia, there is this guy who is an Indian, and majority of the class is Chinese. The whole class would only talk and work with the other people with the same race, and only one or two would be willing to work with him.

    For discrimination, we could have regular gatherings/events to learn more about one another, understand why they do things a certain way, why they would talk differently from others. Hopefully they could understand that everyone is unique in their own different ways and learnt how to accept each other.

  16. 1) Why do discrimination exist?
    Discrimination exists because there are differences between some people and these differences make them feel superior to others. Some of these differences like physical features cannot be changed and those being discriminated will always be left out.
    2) What are some examples of discrimination?
    -Racial discrimination is very common, and sexism discrimination is another example. there is also religious discrimination.
    3) Have you ever witnessed/experienced an act of discrimination? Tell me more about it.
    - Usually, in some sports games during recess, when the captains get to choose their team, they will usually leave the weakest to the last.
    4) What are some preventions against discrimination? What can society, schools or you do to eliminate discrimination?
    -Racial Harmony is a very good example of the government trying to strengthen ties among people of all races.
    -It only takes one person to be friends with a victim of discrimination for it to end as that person can influence others to accept his difference too. :)

  17. 1) Why do discrimination exist?
    - There is discrimination because there are differences in people, and because of this, people fell that they are better than others, or they might not get along.
    2) What are some examples of discrimination?
    - Some examples of discrimination are weight-ism, where heavier or obese people have a disadvantage in social issues. Another example is racism which is very common.
    3) Have you ever witnessed/experienced an act of discrimination? Tell me more about it.
    - Discrimination is very common in class, where girls only sit with girls and boys do the same, and if there is only one boy and several girls for example, they would most likely neglect that kid.
    4) What are some preventions against discrimination? What can society, schools or you do to eliminate discrimination?
    - The government has actually set a rule for HDB flats where there cannot be too many Chinese or Malays in one block. The number of different races has to be equally divided. As an individual, the person can try their best to accept the differences and look on the bright side of the discriminated.

  18. 1.)Discrimination exist because some people believe that he or she is more superior than the other person

    2.)Some examples are racism, weightism,religionism, ageism and sexism

    3.)I have witnessed a boy being left out from his fellow classmate. When i talked to him, he is a really nice person but people do not make an effort to know him better

    4.)We can prevent discrimination by celebrating racial harmony, getting to know a totally different person better and to accept the differences you and other person have.

  19. 1) Discrimination exist because there are people that judge other people by their background and they will not treat them as equals, sometimes even mocking and ostracizing him or her.

    2) Some examples are racism, sexism, and religious discrimination.

    3) I experience discrimination everyday, mostly my classmates. I had studied in China, Shanghai for 3 years, and because of that, a lot of people call me "China boy", and they pronounce China like "Cheena". They might think it is a joke and it is funny, but I find it very hurtful because I am proud of who I am, and I think no one has the right to make fun of me.

    4) I think one thing that we can do is to keep an open mind, and do not judge people on their features. Get to know them better before deciding if you want to be friends with them.

    What the government could do or what it is doing now is to organize multi-racial activities and promote racial harmony.

  20. 1)Discrimination exists because people are different in nature. Unfortunately. some only see the negative differences of other people. They do not take time to consider and learn about them, instead, jump straight to the conclusion that they are bad, immoral or basically just a lower being and start mistreating them.

    2) Some exempts are sexism, agesim, disabilities and weightism.

    3) I myself have discriminated others before. When I was at primary 2, I disliked the fatter people that join my sports group as I think that they are slower and would pull the group down.

    4) In my opinion, we have to truly understand a person before judging them. We should aslo celebrate our differences and learn to appreciate the ways of others.

  21. 1) Discrimination exists because people tend to only care about how people look on the outside without actually knowing them.

    2) In the past, the black people considered lower class than the white people. Other examples include sexism, ageism and weightism.

    3) At school, I often see the plumper people left out when we are playing sports or doing other activities.

    4) We can always talk to people first without just judging them by appearance.

  22. 1) Why do discrimination exist?

    It exist because people think that they are better than others, and that others in different in a bad way.

    2) What are some examples of discrimination?

    - Racism, that is leaving people of a different race out
    - Sexism, that is leaving people of a different sex out
    - Religious discrimination, that is leaving people of a different religion out
    - Disability discrimination, that is leaving people with disability (or disabilities) out
    - Ageism, that is leaving people who are older or younger out

    3) Have you ever witnessed/experienced an act of discrimination? Tell me more about it.

    My classmates and I used to leave out others who are slower. We kept on thinking that having him on our group will cause us to get lower marks, and that he will bring the whole group down.

    4) What are some preventions against discrimination? What can society, schools or you do to eliminate discrimination?

    Most schools consist of different races and religions, and we have Racial Harmony Day every year, so we will always be reminded that we should not discriminate others.
    I can try to understand those who are slower and be friends with them. As for racism, I can talk to people of other races, and not only talk to Chinese.

  23. 1. Discrimination exists because everyone thinks that they are better, and everyone that is different from them are to them worse.

    2. Examples of discrimination include sexism, racism.

    3. I have excluded people from being my friends just because of their race.

    4. Keep an open mind and talk to people from diverse backgrounds.

  24. 1) Discrimination exist because of the different backgrounds of the diversity of people we find in our society in today's context. Due to the diversities of backgrounds, people tend to ostracised or have certain believe about other people with a different background from theirs without concrete evidence. Thus, they will avoid (discrimination and ostracism) that particular group of people.

    2. Examples of discrimination and prejudice includes sexism, racism, religious discrimination.

    3. On the internet many people have been posting insensitive and negative posts on social media webpages regarding other races. One of the most infamous comment in Singapore is regarding a high ranking office working posting about Malay weddings being a public annoyance and labelling them with words like "poor" et cetra. She was fired from her company the very next day.

    4. Make more friends with people of the other races to understand their culture and not judge them before even getting to understand them well enough