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Monday, 21 April 2014

Work to be done tomorrow and Wed

Do Text B (YOLO Issue) on foolscape paper at the START of the English Lesson tomorrow 22 April.

EL Rep, make the announcement verbally in class to remind your class to start work ON TIME, and collect their scripts at the end of the English Lesson tomorrow.

Then on Wed 23 April, the class is to do Text C on the foolscape paper. Collect at the end of the lesson.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Literary Type of Question Spreadsheet

More practices on literary type of question (Reading Comprehension)

1. ‘the snow-powder lift and travel like a funeral train’
(i) What does this suggest about the snow?

(ii) Why did the writer describe the snow this way?

2. ‘The blackish sea churned and champed, seeming to bite at the snow’
(i) Which word suggests the sea is a person?

(ii) What effect do the two words ‘churned’ and ‘champed’ create?

Practice Exercise 1

And as you returned over the turf where the short, download cowslips nodded, you saw to the east still another island, a tiny one this time, like the calf of the cow. This tiny island also belonged to the islander.

Thus it seems that even islands like to keep each other company.

Our islander loved his island very much. In early spring, the little ways and glades were a snow of blackthorn, a vivid white among the Celtic stillness of close green and grey rock, blackbirds calling out in the whiteness their first long, triumphant calls.

                                                 The Man Who Loved Islands by D.H. Lawrence

1. ‘like the calf of the cow’
     What does this suggest about the difference between the two islands?



2. Quote an expression that the expression that suggests that the islands are like     people.



Practice Exercise 2

I am lost in a snowstorm. The wing shrieks, blows stinging sheets of snow into my eyes. I stagger through layers of shifting white. I call for help but the wind drowns my cries. I fall and lie panting on the snow, lost in the white, the wind wailing in my ears. I watch the snow erase my fresh footprints. I’m a ghost now, I think, a ghost with no footprints. I cry out again, hope fading like my footprints.
                                                                 The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

1. Identify the word(s) or phrase which suggest that the wind is
(i) a person



(ii) very loud



2. ‘blows stinging sheets of snow into my eyes.’
(i) Which words have the same sound?



(ii) Why does the writer describe the snow in this way?



3. ‘a ghost with no footprints’
     What does this phrase (metaphor) suggest about the protagonist?



The End

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Advertising techniques


Class Scribes - Post your learning points NOW

I have just checked your EL Blog, and realised the last two lessons on the literary type of question for the reading comprehension have NOT been updated.

Please update the new learning points (literary type of questions for personification and metaphor) on your EL Blog.

Class Scribes, please do so ASAP.

EL Reps, please help to monitor.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

YOLO Issue Present Perfect

Hi Dearies

Please remember to bring your YOLO Issue next Monday. We will be doing the reading compre practices in that issue.


Best regards
Ms Lam

Mystery Spreadsheet


A. Read the following scenario and solve the mystery.

Using your language skills, determine i) where the accident happened, ii) what caused the accident, and iii) who went missing from the car that Sam was driving.

Samoda has met with an accident and is recounting to you (the detective) what happened. He speaks in broken English and some of his words are in a foreign language. You cannot understand him fully.

Samoda says that he was driving down a narrow bakunba over the nearby river when a scary namunti clad in a white dress appeared out of nowhere. He swerved to avoid her and hit a tree in turn. This had knocked him unconscious and bleeding. When he regained consciousness, he found that his bomba, who had won $500,000 earlier that night at the casino, had vanished. Only her empty purse, the ring she had accepted from him, and her phone remained. Even the briefcase with the money was gone!

After saying this much, Samoda succumbs to his injuries.


1. where the accident happened __________________________________________

2. what caused the accident _____________________________________________

3. who went missing from the car _________________________________________

Clue: Please note that bakunba, namunti and bomba are words from the foreign language Samoda speaks. Correctly guessing what these words mean will help you arrive at your answers.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Why do you like comic strips

Why do you like comic strips?
There is a hidden meaning and sometimes it is humorous

Thursday, 3 April 2014

BG and Kenric: Advertisement Symbolism, Diction and Emotion on the Phillips ad

Symbolism: The big field and the two people running a super long distance depicts the width of the TV screen

Diction: "The really, really wide screen TV"

Emotion: Light and mirthful

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

File Check for English

Dear Students

Please get your English Files ready for checking by this Friday 4 April.

Verbal reminders were given some weeks ago.

There should have propers dividers: 1) Essays, 2) Reading Comprehension, 3) Notes

Do PRINT OUT All Group/Pair Writeup, Your Own Personal Blog Entries, Individual Reflection/Writeup in the Googlespreadsheet and file in your files.

Kimberly, pls help to track who has submitted, and give reminders before this Friday.

Ms Lam