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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

group 7

Identify the stages in the plot structure and language features of the following narrative story which is excerpted from The Keeper’s Scourge.

The part where he went downstairs to let the dog pee outside

Rising Action:
The part where he ran after the dog after the dog ran towards the burning building

The part where he broke down the door and dragged the dog out of the burning building.

Falling Action:
The part where he got bombarded by the reporters.

The part where the dog drew the reporters’ attention.

Flip over the next page and use the plot diagram structure which is for you to chart the various progressions made in the story. Also, identify the language features in the excerpt and provide specific examples, which are typical of a narrative style of writing.
Language Features
First Person POV
Throughout the whole story, the writer uses ‘I’. Example:
I pulled my collar up and my hat down, securing my sunglasses. The only reason I took the trip outside was because the mutt would pee at my doorstep without fail if I didn’t.” (Paragraph 1, Line 1 & 2)
Past Tense
The writer wrote the whole story in past tense. Example:
“I breathed in the frigid air and smelled smoke.” (Paragraph 4, Line 1)
Figure of Speech: Hyperbole
The writer exaggerated at certain points. Example:
“The ride down the elevator with some lady. Pain. The doorman asking me how I’m doing. Agony. Smiles from strangers on the street. Unbearable.”
The author was referring to the dog as a human.
“The smoke was coming from a burning building, and that psychotic pug thought it would be a good idea to run toward the fire. Smart guy.”

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