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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Relocation experience--By Eunice

When I was at P3, I moved to Singapore because my father was deployed here. During the time that I stayed in Malaysia, I have made many good friends, just as Bruno did. However when my father told me that we had to move to Singapore, I felt lost, I felt like I have no more people to count my secrets and feelings with except maybe my sister and my parents. Leaving the place with so much memories was definitely a hard thing to do. Even harder for a nine year old who just adapted to the environment. 
When I reached Singapore, I had more friends than I expected. I felt like I finally could have someone to play and share things with, just like Bruno felt when he met Shmuel. 

With my past experiences, I could relate to Bruno’s feelings more. :D

--Eunice Koo, 8.01.2014

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