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Friday, 17 January 2014



  1. Model 1:
    Q1) The roses were excited about the wedding, from their 'flushed faces' and 'whispers about what they had seen'
    Q2) The roses added to the beauty and fragrance of the surrounding. (Sight and Smell)
    Q3) Jubilance and excitement

    Model 2:
    Q1) The setting is much more darker and in a city
    Q2) Gloomy and solemn

  2. Done by Wynn & Kai Cheng
    Model 1
    1. "like friendly little neighbours shows the roses "feelings" towards the wedding.
    2. Touch, Hear, See
    3. It makes you feel tranquil and serene. It feels like everything is calm and soothing

  3. Model 2
    In what ways is this setting different from the one described in Little Women?
    - The setting in Little Women was more Joyous and happy, while this story is more mysterious and solemn, as if something setting the mood for something bad to happen.
    Consider the boxed examples if imagery, as well as the description of the setting. How would you describe the mood?
    - The mood was eerie and sinister, a mysterious and peculiar.

    Wynn & Kai Cheng

  4. Little Woman
    1.The roses' 'ruddy faces' were 'quite flushed with excitement'. Some of the roses 'climbed up to nod and smile at the sisters' and 'waved a welcome to those who came'.
    2.Sight, smell and touch.
    3.It is a joyous mood.

  5. Little Woman:

    1. The roses were excited about the weding.
    2. Roses
    3. This scene has a cheerful mood.


    1: It is different as MAX shows the scene being very fast and afterwards slow but Little Woman shows the scne being very cheerful and happy.
    2. The mood is very solemn and ponderous, serene and tranquail.

  6. Model 1:
    Personification and show not tell was used The examples is as such. The roses' 'ruddy faces' were 'quite flushed with excitement'. Some of the roses 'climbed up to nod and smile at the sisters' and 'waved a welcome to those who came'.
    2.Sight, smell, touch , personification, show not tell
    3.It is a joyous serene setting with everyone milling about about jovially.

    Model 2:
    1) In Max, the mood is intense and stressful, full with danger and suspense with the cliffhanger at the end while the Little Women i

    It sets the mood as solemn and intense , full with danger and suspense.

  7. Little Woman
    1. The extract mentioned that the roses were "rejoicing with all their hearts in the cloudless sunshine", depicting that they were seemingly excited.
    2. The imagery used is sight and smell.
    3. The gaiety mood of this extract depicts cheerfulness and serenity.

    1. The difference between the two extracts was that in Little Woman, it was a exuberant and bright setting while the setting in Max was mysterious and intensely suspenseful.
    2. The mood is rather dignified and mystifying.

  8. Model 1:
    1. The roses were 'excited and joyful' about the wedding.
    2. Imagery is used to evoke the senses of sight and smell.
    3. It was a joyous occasion.
    Model 2:
    1. In contrast to the joyous mood of the story in 'Little Women', 'Max' carried an element of mystery and surprise.
    2. According to the given imagery, the mood is very mysterious and tranquil.

    Timothy and Kenric

  9. The roses were excited and very happy about the wedding. We can infer this from their flushed faces and them whispering to each other about what they had seen whilst swinging in the wind.

    Sight Smell and Sound.

    It was a merry occasion.

  10. The setting is more mysterious and negative.

    The mood is shrouded with mystery and is rather gloomy.

  11. Model 1: Little women
    The author writes the story in a way that shows us that the roses ‘feel’ joyous and celebratory. Some quotes that we can refer to are: “rejoicing with all their hearts” , “quite flushed with excitement were their ruddy faces” and “climbed up to nod and smile at the sisters”.
    The sense of sight (“rosiest full blown flower to the palest baby bud”) sense of smell, (“offered their tribute of beauty and fragrance”)
    The mood that the author sets is a joyous feeling, and celebratory

    Model 2:
    The mood that the author portrays the story Max is intense and more fast paced than in Little women.
    “rain-drenched asphalt” suggests that the road is dangerous, and any moment, an accident could easily happen. “revving of the engine” shows that something happened and caused the engine to speed up. “it advanced solemnly, ponderously, as if in slow motion” intensifies the danger that is going to happen soon.


    1. little women.

      1. "flushed with excitement", "nod and smile at the sisters" and "waved a welcome"
      2. Sight and smell
      3. Joyous and busy.


      1. Little women was as i said, joyous and crowded whereas Max was tense and scary.
      2. The mood was gloomy to begin with and suspenseful with ambiguity.

  12. 1.The roses were excited about the wedding,their ruddy faces were flushed with excitement
    2.Sight and Smell

    1.In Little Women,the setting is cheerful and Bright,but in Max,the mood is gloomy and dark.
    2.The mood is dark and gloomy

  13. Model 1:
    1. The details “quite flushed with excitement” , “whispering to one another what they had seen” , “went on various errands” helps us to understand that the flowers were ‘feeling’ excited and cheerful. It also tells us that they were very enthusiastic and wanted to each do their part for the wedding.

    2. Sense of sight, smell and sound.

    3. The mood of this scene is of a joyous, cheerful occasion.

    Model 2:
    1. The scene in Little Women was more slow-paced and peaceful while this scene is more action packed with suspense. Also, the setting in Little Women was during the daytime while everyone was bustling about but the setting here is at night, where the author hears the engine of a bus.

    2. The mood would be described as solemn, gloomy and dark. The last boxed example creates an air of mystery and suspense for the reader.

  14. Little Woman:
    1. They were rejoicing with all their hearts, which showed that they were happy for the wedding. They were also flushed with excitement. This showed that the roses were happy and excited for the wedding, just like how humans would feel about a wedding.
    2. The imagery used is sense of sight and hearing. The roses were whispering to one another when they saw the feast prepared in the dining room. They were also greeting the sisters who were dressing up the bride.
    3. The mood is exciting as Meg was going to get married. Even the roses were described to be elated as they were busy whispering to each other with excitement.

    1. In Little Woman, the mood was happy and joyful, but in Max, the mood was gloomy and it was full of suspense
    2. The mood is dangerous and it also contains a tinge of mystery in it.

  15. Little Woman:
    1. They were rejoicing with all their hearts, quite flushed with excitement was their ruddy faces. These examples show that the flowers were 'feeling' very excited and happy about the joyous occasion.
    2. The imagery used was sight(for some peeped in at the dining-room windows.) and hearing(whispering to one another what they had seen).
    3. The mood was very happy, exciting and joyous.

    1. In the first model, the setting was vey happy and cheerful, but in this one, the setting was very gloomy and solemn.
    2. The mood is very solemn and full of suspense.

  16. Little Women:
    1. the details "rejoicing with all their hearts in the cloudless sunshine" and "quite flushed with excitement were their ruddy faces" helps understand that the roses were very elated and hyped up about the wedding. It sets a cheerful mood for the wedding.
    2. Sight and smell
    3. The mood showed was light hearted and cheerful.
    1. Compared the extract from Little Women, the atmosphere depicted in the extract from Max was more dull, and solemn instead of the cheerful and ecstatic and joyous atmosphere created in Little Women
    2. the mood is slightly scary, apprehensive, as if unsure of what's going to happen next and is sort of fearing what's going to happen next.
    ~Lynette and Xueqin

  17. Little Women
    1)They were rejoicing with all their hearts in the cloudless sunshine' and 'Quite flushed with excitement' shows that the roses were very joyous and excited about the wedding
    2)Sight and hearing
    3)The mood is joyous excited
    1)The setting in Max is mysterious and dark compared the extract from the little women
    2)The mood in Max is scary and mysterious as we are not sure how things will turn out