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Thursday, 17 July 2014

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Reporter: Following the humiliation of Brazil, the former goalkeeper of Germany’s national team, Oliver Kahn, believes that Brazil had all of their tactics wrong in the recent semi-finals of the world cup 2014. Germany managed to score a shocking 5-0 lead against Brazil in the first half, and another 2 goals in the second half, leaving the last goal by Brazil just a consolation. Kahn has criticised head coach Luiz Felipe Scolari, talking about how his naive tactics led to Brazil’s downfall.
Kahn claimed that the Brazilians did everything wrong from a tactical point of view and were very vulnerable emotionally, completely falling apart after the opening goal due to a large lack of experience. Eventually leading them into the great disappointment of a 7-1 loss and resulting in them to be knocked out of the 2014 World Cup Finals.


By: Kai Cheng, Bryan Goh, Yu Hin, Wynn, Ryan

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